Plom(a) from LaKT Ensemble is a series of three choreo-musical works exploring of the intuition of relationships between silence and weight in sounds and moving bodies. The project is built through a co-creative process between musicians, dancers, a composer and a choreographer, and looks for common approaches in the musical and choreographic ways of creating and rehearsing. This process aims to cultivate new relational structures and to rethink traditional roles and hierarchies within the artistic creation.

Plom(a) I

Plom(a) II

Plom(a) I is the first of the series of works dealing with the concepts of silence and weight. With silence as a musical parameter and weight as a dance/bodily parameter, the work explores connections between them, reversing and mixing the roles of gesture and sound. This way music and dance become on choreo-musical process and object.

This part is a research shaped by two basic materials. One of them comes  from a human breath translated to the instruments and used as a sound and gesture idea. The other material comes from the developing a system of graphic scores readable both in a choreographic and in a musical way.

Download PDF Project description – Ploma


                           ephemer encounter for sounds and bodies

Coalescence is a monthly series of topic-specific evenings built arround the frame corporeality – sound – perception. In each of these 6 sessions, an ephemeral creation is built together through a transdisciplinary artistic cooperation in a composer – instrumentalist – dancer constellation. Each evening will include a presentation-moderation about the concept and the performance itself.

Download PDF Project description – Coalescence